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Rain garden Resources

We've put together lots of resources to help you with your rain garden.

Getting started

UK Rain Garden guide

A simple guide to rain gardens, see page 7 for a list of plants.

ARK rain gardens presentation

Introduction to the Great Green Bedwyn rain garden project.

A guide to getting started

If you missed our online training here are some key points to help you get started.

ARK rain gardens training

Please contact to request access to our full online training recordings.

Getting the most from your water butt

Find out how water butts can help prevent river pollution as well as providing water for your garden.

Planting resources and suppliers

Rain planters and rain garden plant list

A list of plants well suited to growing in rain planters and rain gardens.

Guidance on planting for rain gardens

Some of the key information from our online training including planting principles, tried and tested plants and further online resources.

Technical training and resources

Calculating your rain garden size

Details of how to measure the size of rain garden you need from our online training.


Detailed information on Sustainable Drainage Systems.

Online rain garden training from the US

Useful free detailed training (you can sign up with your email address or access some of their resources without signing up).

Funding for your rain garden (no longer available for new participants)

Guidance for homeowners on ARK funding

ARK can provide funding of up to £1,000 per household. Find out more. (No longer available for new participants).

Cost reimbursement form

Project participants can use this form to be reimbursed for the costs of their rain garden, rain planter or water butt. (No longer available for new participants).

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Great Green Bedwyn rain gardens is funded by Thames Water

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