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Flooding and water pollution

Why flooding and water pollution matters

Great Bedwyn has a history of flooding, and our sewage treatment works are regularly overwhelmed. In the last three years sewage has been discharged into the canal and on into the River Dun for over 900 hours - equivalent to over one month of continuous discharge. This impacts on water quality and biodiversity supported by the river. 83% of residents said they were interested in hearing about river pollution and biodiversity in our survey. 

Our progress so far

Great Green Bedwyn are working in partnership with the rivers charity Action for the River Kennet (ARK) to prevent flooding and river pollution by creating rain gardens in the village. It is the first project of it's kind in the UK working with individual home owners.


Plans for the future

Our focus this year is on implementing the rain gardens project with ARK and the Bedwyn Flood Group.

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