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Rain Garden at Great Bedwyn School

Great Green Bedwyn are working with rivers charity ARK and Great Bedwyn School to create a new rain garden at the school.

The work is part of the Great Green Bedwyn Rain Gardens project and, as a community, we are trying change the way we manage rain water to reduce flooding, reduce pollution from sewer overflows, create plant-filled green spaces and find ways to use rain water instead of mains water in our gardens. We will be creating a greener, cleaner more beautiful village.

School children have been busy coming up with their own ideas and the school have been working with ARK and landscape architects to develop designs.

ARK is the rivers trust for our area and the school will be working with them, landscape architects and local contractors to build the rain gardens, but we will also be looking for volunteers later in the project, so please do get involved.

The rain garden is funded by Thames Water, the Department for Education, ARK and Great Bedwyn Primary School.

To register your interest in volunteering to help with the school rain garden please contact

You can find out more about building your own rain garden at home in Great Bedwyn here or please contact


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