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Quick tips to save energy at home

With the rises in energy costs this winter now is a good time to take steps to save energy, reducing your bills and your CO2 emissions.

Easy changes to make in the kitchen

  • Use a microwave or slow cooker instead of the oven

  • Use saucepan lids

  • Don't overfill the kettle

Simple lifestyle changes to save on heating bills

  • Switch your heating to a slightly lower temperature and wear more clothes

  • Close doors to stop heat going upstairs

  • Turn the heating down in bedrooms and turn off the heating in unused rooms

  • Use a low wattage heated blanket when sitting down instead of turning up the thermostat

Smart tips for using home appliances and lighting

  • Switch off appliances and chargers at the wall

  • Dry clothes on the line or an air dryer instead of using the tumble drier

  • Wash clothes at 30 degrees

  • Choose energy efficient appliances

  • If you are on a lower night time tariff switch to using your dishwasher and washing machine at night time

  • Replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs

DIY draught proofing and insulation

  • Install draught proofing strip around leaking doors and windows

  • Use builders' foam or caulk on cracks in window frames, between the floor and skirting boards or for gaps in the eaves

  • Fit thermal curtain linings or secondary glazing on glazed windows

  • Install a thicker insulating jacket on your hot water tank

  • Insulate your attic door

  • Insulate hot water pipes

You can find links to useful organisations giving advice and help with home energy here (add link once page address finalised).


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